he goal of http://www.ourhomeimprovementproject.com is to share our remodeling experience and home improvement tips with other homeowners. To signup for advertising email Jen at footejennifer (at) hotmail.com.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Here

Reasons #1: Your Advertising Options

You have the choice to choose your preferred method of advertising. Here are of the methods we are willing to go with.

Banner: Have your banner displayed on our website just about anywhere!
Banner appearing directly above “Blog Post” section – $50 a month.
Side bar banner above the fold (will appear without scrolling down) – $25 a month.
Side bar banner below fold (must scroll down to see) – $15 a month.

Giveaways: You provide us with an item to giveaway to our readers. Readers will visit your website and leave a comment about the site or the product (favorite feature). You can also suggest additional entries. Random winner selected via Random.org.

Reviews: Provide us with an item (anything home related). If we use the item, we will provide a detailed review, pictures, and product information. If we cannot use the item, we will base our review on others already posted online and the item will be given away via a random drawing (see giveaway above).

Reason #2: This is a Targeted Blog/Website

We have one subject that we are focusing on and that is home improvement/home remodeling. On this blog, you will find posts that detail the progress we have made, before and after pictures, in construction pictures, tips, how to guides, product reviews, and more! Basically, we are keeping the focus on this website/blog on one thing and one thing only – a house!

Reason #3: I’m an Internet Marketer

Right now, we are remodeling our home. By day, I am a home based internet marketer. While this blog is new, I am just getting started on a new marketing campaign. Since this is my day job, I am familiar with the ins and outs of website marketing so traffic will begin to pickup soon and you’ll want to be onboard for it!