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Rip out old drop down ceiling tiles.
Rip out old walls (not sheetrock put rather just panel walls).
Sheetrock walls and ceiling.
Decide on new flooring, buy it, and install it.
Buy new door (goes from this room out into garage).
Room has no light – decide what to get, buy it, and install it.
Fix sliding glass door (comes off the track and has no screen).
Tape, prime, and paint drywall.

Downstairs Bathroom

Fishing adding trim to wall bases and do window trim.
Buy and install new bathroom door.
Finish hooking up bathroom fan.
Find countertop for our new bathroom vaniety.
Buy and install cabinets overtop of washer and dryer.
Buy and install towel racks and hooks.
Buy and install mirror above current bathroom vanity.

Living Room/Dining Room

Decide on flooring, buy it, and install it.
Install two electric baseboard heaters in room.
Add trim to windows, wall bases, and doorways.
Add window shades and hooks when done with trim.
Redo light on the living room side (doesn’t work in this room).

Our Bedroom

Add trim to the walls and windows.
Frame out our closet.
Frame out a new door on other side of room.
Sheetrock over old door.
Decide on flooring, buy it, and get it installed.
Buy more window blinds and get them installed.
Clean off baseboard heater and reinstall it.

Sarah’s Room

Add trim to the bottom of the walls, windows, door, and closet door.
Get a door and closet door for Sarah and install them.
Finish hooking up the electrical outlets in her room.
Decide on flooring, buy it, and get it installed.
Add curtains after window trim is done.
Get baseboard heater installed in room.
Paint fan blades to match room color.

Spare Room

Add trim to the bottom of the walls, windows, door, and closet door.
Get a closet door and room door.
Hookup the electrical outlets.
Try a few more times to get the pee smell out of the floors.
Otherwise, install carpeting with odor guard or something.
Add curtains after trim is done.
Install baseboard electric heater

Upstairs (this includes the entire upstairs but our bedrooms)
Add insulation (ASAP because it is starting to get cold out)
Relocate upstairs half bath into old “extra space” room.
Map out plumbing for upstairs (sink, toilet, and standup shower)
Map out electrical for upstairs (heaters and outlets)
Drywall exterior walls once plumbing and electrical is at least dry run.
Frame out and sheetrock the bathroom.
Frame and sheetrock out a floating wall for upstairs office.
Redo all ceilings upstairs (they are way unlevel now and no more rooms keeping this hidden).
Redo railing (temporary up now – build wall)

Kitchen – A Complete Overhaul

Rip out old sheetrock on walls and ceiling.
Along back kitchen wall we need to run plumbing for upstairs bathroom.
Rip out old kitchen cabinets and countertops.
Remove huge old hutch and try to keep it in one piece.
Rip out old flooring.
Block off entrance to basement from kitchen (we have another and this is where the mice are coming up).
Pull out old oven fan.
Hang new drywall on walls and ceilings.
After hanging it, tape it, prime it, and then paint walls and ceiling.
Move up the middle of the ceiling about a ft for unique lighting effect.
Install new flooring (nicer, cleaner, and not as cheap looking tiles).
Buy new kitchen cabinets and countertops.
Install them so that we gain more space in kitchen.
Trim out window, wall bottoms, and all doorways.
Install new electric baseboard heater.
Buy and install lights and new fan.
Remove old fridge that goes into garage (our fridge doesn’t fit inside).
Buy and install new sink and maybe a dishwasher.
Do tile backsplash around countertop